Process of Getting a Trained Family Dog


Everyone who contacts us asks what the process is of getting a trained family dog.  So we'll try to outline it here for you as best we can.


  1. Contact is made.  You make contact with us by phone to discuss our trained dogs for sale or special order dogs. During this phone call, we'll go over this process, answer all your questions and learn all we can about what you're needing or looking for.  For instance, if the client is elderly, we need to make sure to find a dog that is not too energetic and is easier to take care of.

  2. Deposit is paid.  We require a $500 deposit to move forward.  For our trained dogs for sale that are listed on the website, the deposit marks the dog "sold" and is taken from the total price.  So the balance would be due when you get your dog.  For special order dogs, the $500 is non-refundable (but still is subtracted from your total owed) and gets us searching for a dog for you.  Read more about this process on the special order dogs page.

  3. Travel arrangements are made.  Once we're about a month away from your trained family dog to be ready to come to your home, we'll let you know that we need to set a travel date.  If you're traveling here, you'll make your own travel arrangements.  If you're going to have us come to you, we'll work with you on making those arrangements.

  4. You get your new dog.  Whether we come to you or you come to us, when the day comes that you get your new trained family dog, we will spend the day with you, helping you learn your dogs commands.  We'll show you the commands and then turn the dog over to you to watch you do it.  This way, we'll know that you understand all the commands, and you will have confidence in this, as well.  For most people, a couple of hours is enough time to spend working.  We've had some who needed more time, and some who have only needed 30 minutes or so (not that we recommend this).  Regardless, you'll get as much time as you need.

  5. Balance is paid.  The balance of your trained family dog is due when we arrive with your dog.

  6. Follow-up.  We're always available for phone calls, emails, skype, etc. for follow-up.  We're committed to you for the life of your dog, so we don't just drop the dog off to you and wish you luck.  We're here for you any time.  And if ever your dog picks up a bad habit or needs further training for some reason, you can ship or bring the dog to us for a couple of weeks worth of sharpening at no additional charge.  










- Temperment tested
- Family-oriented
- Real world training
- Certified professionals
- Off-leash control


We are located in Northwest Indiana an hour outside Chicago

Phone:  219-246-9717


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