What should I feed my dog?

July 23, 2015

Many people ask us, "What do you feed your dog?" They see the way that our dogs' coats are so shiny and feel how they are so soft! 

We feed a food called "Taste of the Wild". There are three different flavors of this food, but they are really all the same in nutritional content. Taste of the Wild (TOW) is a grainless diet, meaning that it is made without the corn and rice fillers that are found in most shelf brand foods (such a IAMS, etc). The ingredients only include materials that are highly digestible and useful to your dog's body.

Since this is a high quality food, it is slightly more expensive than your average brands, however you end up feeding MUCH less because it takes less to give your dog all the nutrition his body needs. The foods are designed for all stages of life, so it is appropriate for puppies on up to older adults.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are added to the food blend, to give your dog the shiny coat and nice skin that he was born to have!  Take a look at the website for more information about the nutritional content. In addition to the plus side of having a healthy coat and skin, your dog's "output" will be much smaller and easier to pick up! This is because he is now absorbing more of the ingredients, and leaving very little behind.

Currently, TOW comes in only a dry formula, but is working on a canned version of its popular food. It's important to give dogs, especially little dogs, crunchy kibble as part of their diet, to assist in keeping your pooch's chompers healthy. If you decide to give canned food, be sure to mix it in with the kibble so that your dog is getting the best of both worlds. We recommend a brand called "Wellness" that is also a grainless formula, and can be purchased at Whole Foods Supermarkets. 

Crimson K9 highly recommends Taste of the Wild for your dog, We have personally seen a HUGE improvement in the condition of all our dogs, to include coats, skin and energy endurance within three weeks of switching from Science Diet to TOW.


If you don't want to buy Taste of the Wild, just be sure to pick a grainless food for your dog.  Read the labels and keep your dog healthy.

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