The Art of Attention

July 23, 2015

Here at Off-Leash K9 Dog Training, we specialize in the "Art of Attention”. With a dog’s attention, we can take his energy and direct his focus into much more constructive obedience activities. With his attention we can teach him that it’s fun to learn new things, and keep him safe in situations that he might otherwise be in danger.


Once we have our dog’s attention, we can give him the freedom of being off leash! What’s better for a dog than getting to run four miles for every one mile that you go? What about giving your dog the freedom to wander on the trails with you, and having the reliability of a solid recall each and every time you ask him to come to you? Getting a dog is supposed to enhance your lifestyle, not hinder it! We want you to have FUN with your dog and take your dog ANYWHERE because you have his attention!


At Off-Leash K9 Dog Training, we don’t just tell you about all the wonderful things that our pets can do, we SHOW you! Not everyone can guarantee attention like we can, which is why we are a world apart from any other dog training business!

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June 2, 2010

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July 23, 2015

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- Temperment tested
- Family-oriented
- Real world training
- Certified professionals
- Off-leash control


We are located in Northwest Indiana an hour outside Chicago

Phone:  219-246-9717


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