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Are your dogs staying in kennels or in homes?
We sell trained family dogs that go live with families or individuals.  Therefore, we don't keep our dogs in kennel runs or pens while they're being trained for their new family.  We do our best to put them in an environment that will be like what they will be living in.  The dogs are crated at night (or when we're away), but other than that, are living inside the home.  All of our trained dogs for sale and special order dogs live with a trainer.


Do your dogs come with any kind of health guarantee?

We do not sell dogs unless they have been deemed healthy at the time of the sale. You will receive documentation from our veterinarian stating the good health of your new dog.


What are my delivery options?

Though we can ship your new dog to you, we prefer to have one of our trainers show you how to work your new dog with the various commands he/she has learned. Therefore, it is recommended that you come to the Indianapolis area to pick up your dog. If you prefer, we can do the traveling ourselves and bring your new dog to you, at your expense.


Do I need training when accepting a trained dog into my family?

Yes, as mentioned above, you need to know how to work with your dog. It is most effective when we can show you how to work with your dog and then watch you do it, so as to correct any handling techniques you may be struggling to learn.


What age of dog should I look to purchase?

Depending on your lifestyle and personal needs, dogs are supplied at various ages.  We can help you determine what age and breed is the best fit for your situation and family.


Will my dog be off leash?

Yes.  Your dog can be trusted off leash.  You'll be able to heel or walk your trained family dog with or without a leash.  Be sure to check your local leash laws, as some city ordinances won't allow dogs to be off leash.


Can I take my dog different places?

Yes, you will be able to take your trained family dog anywhere that allows pets.


Do I have to pay everything up front?

For dogs listed on our website, payment in full is needed in order for a dog to be considered sold. For custom (special order) dogs, we require a non-refundable deposit of $500 when you place your order. We will then give you an approximate price range and time frame. Once we locate a dog for you, we will email you a picture of the dog for final approval before starting your dog’s formal training.


Do you accept credit cards?

At this time we do not accept credit cards, although you can make a payment via paypal (3% fee will apply) if you need to use a credit card (please, contact before making a payment through there first).  We also accept personal checks (and of course, cash).


How long does it take to get a special order dog once we decide the type of dog we want?

We will discuss that with you at the time, but most of the time it will take around 45-60 days for you to have your trained family dog.


How do I get started?

You can start by contacting us. This will give us some information about you and will help us best serve you. If you want a custom trained dog, please inform us as to what you are looking for (breed, sex, color, size, temperament, etc.).

We also breed Australian Cobberdogs and often have puppies available.  This breed is perfect for families and service/therapy.  They are also "allergy-friendly."  For information on adding an Australian Cobberdog to your family, visit our website or contact us today.


Do you deliver trained dogs for sale to Canada, Puerto Rico, or overseas?

Yes, we can deliver our trained dogs to Canada, Puerto Rico, and in many cases, to other countries. Please contact us for specific questions and areas of delivery.


What are your certifications/training?

One major problem we see with dog training is that there is no governing body that regulates dog trainers. In other words, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, and take your money, with no training, certification or accountability. This is bad for dog owners and has led to many people being duped or unsatisfied. We believe anyone who works with other people's dogs, especially when it's being done for payment, should be trained and certified. Beware of any trainer that hasn't been formally trained and who downplays certification. We are trained and certified through Fred Hassen's Sit Means Sit School of Professional Dog Training, trained in the Trinity Remote Systems with SFC Dogs in California, as well as training through K9 Connection in Buffalo, NY. In addition, we are consistently adding to our education and training, always working to get better. Your dog deserves that kind of commitment.


How can I contact you?

You can call us at 219-246-9717. You can also e-mail us at
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- Temperment tested
- Family-oriented
- Real world training
- Certified professionals
- Off-leash control


We are located in Northwest Indiana an hour outside Chicago

Phone:  219-246-9717


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